Sunday, January 31, 2016

Style BreakDown : RHOA Kenya Moore Wearing Emilio Pucci Dress

Hey Guys So Apart From The Shadeee On Tonight's Episode Of The #RHOA Vacation In #Jamaica Kenya Moore  Yellow Draped Viscose Jersey Emilio Pucci Dress Caught My Attention. 

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Monday, January 25, 2016


Designer Feature : Atelier Versace Spring 2016 Couture


                                                       MUAHH XOXOX .

Glorification of every curve of a woman’s body through clothing—if there’s one house that owns that idea, it’s Versace. Under Donatella Versace’s reign, the label has recently taken a feminist slant, angling away from the notion of woman as rock-star arm candy and nightclub predator. Versace’s Fall ready-to-wear was a refreshing tour de force in glam urban militaria, but how to follow that in couture? The Rio Olympics are coming up in August, so maybe that’s what sent Donatella in the direction of female power through athleticism—the body used to achieve personal goals that aren’t to do with man-catching sexuality. Well, that’s what the soundtrack pointed us toward, anyway: a narrative by Violet, speaking out about “feminine strength to overcome obstacles.”
Nonetheless, this Versace Altelier collection was a full-on old-school display of cutaway, plunge, curve, slash, and skin display. After an opener of optic white tailoring and taut ski pants, it was on with the real business: feats of dressmaking engineering involving asymmetrical patchworked geometries, suspension by Swarovski ropes and twisted straps, embroidered and printed ergonomic patterns, skewed sequined checkerboards and poured silicone grills. In her couture collection, Donatella is determined to add new science to traditional techniques, and she noted that the work in this show was some of the most time-consuming she’s ever devised. Still, labor and complexity don’t always sell a dress. After all the body-con gowns and fitted minidresses, it was the moment when she broke free of the sporty theme with a few light, sheer dance-dress silhouettes with full, airy skirts that looked best.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Model Feature : Meet Gabrielle


Hey guys in todays feature i wanted to introduce this beautiful and smoking sexy Model Gabrielle Davis so i set up few questions fashion, music and beauty related so you all can get to know a little about her nothing too personal.

 I first saw her at Caribbean fashion week in 2013 walking for one of my favorite jamaican designer @FlowerChild1999 . I met her socially once and I've been following her on Instagram (@iamgabrielle_davis) for awhile now and she knows how to rock a bikini , post a perfect selfie and slay in a stylish jumpsuit or dress. 

check out our conversation below. Enjoy 

 muahh xoxox
Hey Gabrielle Happy Sunday :

1. Describe your style in 5 words ?
Gabrielle : My style in 5 words ..:... Fearless, Relaxed, Chic, Sexy, Comfortable. 

2. Besides cellphone and your purse what are 3 other things you always have in your bag?
Gabrielle :  always walk with Bronzer to keep my glow !... Gum & an extra hair tie that's always necessary. 
3. Are you a heels or flats kinda girl? 
Gabrielle : Depending on the occasion I love heels and flats but I have to say throwing on a pair of heels can make any outfit pop.
4. Whats one thing you cant live without? 
Gabrielle :I definitely can't live without my " baby lips tinted moisturizing lip balm " it's the best I always go with the sheer color. Say no to chapped lips lol. 

5. What kind of music you listen to daily ?
Gabrielle : The music I listen to always depends on my mood ! I listen to a lot of rap, dancehall, rn b & alternative, I'm into all types of music except for country and heavy metal. 

6. Whats your go to outfit that you feel like you always wear alot? 
Gabrielle : My go to outfit is definitely something comfortable: Jeans, t shirt and a pair of flats or sneakers. 

7. Who is your style icon and why ?
Gabrielle :  I don't have a specific style icon I'm always inspired by different styles from different people. I love to be different. If I were to pick someone I would definitely say Gigi hadid. 

8. Name 3 of your favorite designers both local and international 
Gabrielle :Favorite international designers :Olivier Rousteing ( Balmain ), Tom Ford, Herve Leger. Local - James Black (YC), Ayana Dixon, Jae Jolly. 

9. How often do you work out ? 
Gabrielle : I Try to keep my Workouts consistent going to the gym 6 days of the week. giving myself Sunday to rest. 

10. You are a rare beauty which is great but can you name one of your favorite skin care products ?
Gabrielle : Thank you for the compliment ! ☺. I am very much into beauty, I love taking care of my skin, I love body scrubs and moisturizer. I use a coffee scrub to keep my skin looking brand new. One of my favorite natural body butters would have to be cocoa & Shea butter it's excellent!

Thanks For Reading Loves Muahh xoxox 

Stay Connected With Gabrielle 
Instagram  @iamgrabrielle_davis 
SnapChat  @badgyalzilla
Twitter @gabrielle_d 
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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Yesterday i went to JFLAG #planandchill , it was my first time going out since the new year and it turns out to be a great saturday night fun. 

It was a casual evening vibes so i wear this Vuglar Graceland Shirt By @MrKingstonBelle With A mini leather skirt by #ShopFashionenira and i did purchase this boots via #NastyGal before the holidays so i put it together and love it .

If You love my shirt follow @mrkingstonbelle on instagram retail price $50.00USD 
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Thursday, January 14, 2016



Cushnie Et Ochs Is One Of My Favorite Designers Right Now And My Love Has Grown So Much Over The Past Two Years Since I Discover Them. Today I'll be showing their Pre-Fall 2016 Presentation which I'm so obsessed with. 

They Totally Know How To Dress A woman To look classy But still sexy without exposing a lot to look trashy. Every season they get better and better and this season is no different. I love the edgy cut outs and wide leg pants to the asymmetric skirt etc. 

This season, Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs had the very clever idea of paying homage to the sari by, essentially, using Western dressmaking methods as a cheat—they conjured the garment’s drape and asymmetry by sewing on a bit of draped material here, or tying scarf-like lengths of fabric off to one side. Pencil-shaped dresses with silk draped off one shoulder, and choli-esque fitted material placed underneath, paid the plainest tribute to the sari; elsewhere, a tailored top with a wavy hem or an asymmetric jumpsuit with a deconstructed blazer top de-literalized the reference, almost to the vanishing point. 
Cushnie and Ochs also riffed on India via their colors: The palette of ochre and brackish green and orchid steered clear of Indian fashion’s signature of bright yellows and pinks, suggesting the earthier hues of the landscape instead. The designers demonstrated similar understatement in the collection’s textures, the richest of which were found in their burnout satin and velvet, suede and quilted jacquard. Eschewing embellishment, they let the materials do the talking instead. The one exception to that rule was in a cable-knit embroidery, redolent at once of fisherman’s sweaters and Indian seed embroidery. (It’s a technique Ochs and Cushnie should consider evolving in future collections, to different effect.) The material richness here served to elevate the collection, as did its sense of circumspection: Though there were some skin-baring looks, for the most part these clothes erred on the decorous side. They seemed easy to wear—no lessons in the art of sari-draping required. 

Enjoy the full collection below muahh 

AshSlay xoxo