Sunday, January 24, 2016

Model Feature : Meet Gabrielle


Hey guys in todays feature i wanted to introduce this beautiful and smoking sexy Model Gabrielle Davis so i set up few questions fashion, music and beauty related so you all can get to know a little about her nothing too personal.

 I first saw her at Caribbean fashion week in 2013 walking for one of my favorite jamaican designer @FlowerChild1999 . I met her socially once and I've been following her on Instagram (@iamgabrielle_davis) for awhile now and she knows how to rock a bikini , post a perfect selfie and slay in a stylish jumpsuit or dress. 

check out our conversation below. Enjoy 

 muahh xoxox
Hey Gabrielle Happy Sunday :

1. Describe your style in 5 words ?
Gabrielle : My style in 5 words ..:... Fearless, Relaxed, Chic, Sexy, Comfortable. 

2. Besides cellphone and your purse what are 3 other things you always have in your bag?
Gabrielle :  always walk with Bronzer to keep my glow !... Gum & an extra hair tie that's always necessary. 
3. Are you a heels or flats kinda girl? 
Gabrielle : Depending on the occasion I love heels and flats but I have to say throwing on a pair of heels can make any outfit pop.
4. Whats one thing you cant live without? 
Gabrielle :I definitely can't live without my " baby lips tinted moisturizing lip balm " it's the best I always go with the sheer color. Say no to chapped lips lol. 

5. What kind of music you listen to daily ?
Gabrielle : The music I listen to always depends on my mood ! I listen to a lot of rap, dancehall, rn b & alternative, I'm into all types of music except for country and heavy metal. 

6. Whats your go to outfit that you feel like you always wear alot? 
Gabrielle : My go to outfit is definitely something comfortable: Jeans, t shirt and a pair of flats or sneakers. 

7. Who is your style icon and why ?
Gabrielle :  I don't have a specific style icon I'm always inspired by different styles from different people. I love to be different. If I were to pick someone I would definitely say Gigi hadid. 

8. Name 3 of your favorite designers both local and international 
Gabrielle :Favorite international designers :Olivier Rousteing ( Balmain ), Tom Ford, Herve Leger. Local - James Black (YC), Ayana Dixon, Jae Jolly. 

9. How often do you work out ? 
Gabrielle : I Try to keep my Workouts consistent going to the gym 6 days of the week. giving myself Sunday to rest. 

10. You are a rare beauty which is great but can you name one of your favorite skin care products ?
Gabrielle : Thank you for the compliment ! ☺. I am very much into beauty, I love taking care of my skin, I love body scrubs and moisturizer. I use a coffee scrub to keep my skin looking brand new. One of my favorite natural body butters would have to be cocoa & Shea butter it's excellent!

Thanks For Reading Loves Muahh xoxox 

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