Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#PrideJa2016 Beach Picnic/Soiree

On Sunday I Went To PrideJa 2016 Closing Event ( Family Picnic/Party) at Pearly Beach In Ocho Rios .
I had a great time catching up with old longtime peeps (NO shade) and enjoying life without no worries or judgment and just  celebrating prideja movement.  

The minute I walk on the beach on sunday the energy was nothing but love. If the devil was working he was on day off because from the music, vibes,weather and people it was too perfect. 

Thanks To JFLAG For Putting Together such a fantastic movement. The support and love was real. They have worked super hard on fighting for equality, respect and human rights for all lgbt.  The hard work doesn't go unnoticed and I look forward to more amazing stuff ahead in the future. 
One of the best beach party I've been in 2016. 
As you already know I had to go get my life in a mini beach shoot and play with my toy (That's my Camera) if you follow any of my social media platform , I am doing photography now, yes hunny I can do everything. I put no limit to what I can achieve in this life. Nothing is impossible. 
I'm still an amateur but I've learnt soooo much and still learning. 
                                Check Out more fabulous snap shots from the soiree below.

                                                             Muahhhhh xoxoxo


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