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Fluidity; a fashion story about a transgender’s liberation in Jamaica. by Kadeem x Cleo

It was quite bleak, raining even, but that only fueled Ashley’s quest of escapism in her search for mental, social, and emotional freedom. She is found traipsing the verdant landscape of the Belcour Lodge estate – rainforest, river, and apiary — in wanderlust.The more she wanders, the more she blossoms into an expressive, no-holds-barred character.


From the way she smiles just before laughter -- an innate feminine characteristic that flickers like a lit bulb – to the way she enunciates words or rolls her eyes so gaily. It’s all too poetic how she eases wisps of hair behind her ear; the dip of her waist as she poses; the arching of her instep as her toes point; demonstrating the elegance of the woman she’s become. Beautiful Ashley, with a face so striking, commands a strong, undeniable presence. Her stature, bolstered with conviction. 


She is woman.


Overview: A contrast between hard and genteel presented via the feminine aesthetic: ruffles, layers, and delicate designs, paired with goldvintageand mod statement jewellery in a St Andrew rainforest – to show just how styling can alter one’s perceptionon femininity. As a gender nonconforming Jamaican man, who oftentimes suffers from anxiety and depression just from commutingKadeem felt the need to incorporate this burst of bold – in colours, clothes, accessories – to highlight the escapism and liberation through garments. This is for all my queer, misunderstood folks who are bold enough to go for it despite the critique and stares.

Purpose: To break down the misconceptions of masculine and feminine by highlighting the effeminate and fluid nature of the sexes, particularly that of a ‘trapped’ young black transwoman

Styling: Tropical rainforest chic

Team: Alexander Wong (Photographer); Kadeem Rodgers (Stylist/Creative Director); Cleopatra Powell (Creative Director/Grooming); Ashley Gordon (Model); Jeremy Braham (Assistant)

Location: Belcour Lodge, St Andrew, Jamaica

Shoot date: Wednesday, April 25th 2018


Shades: Miu Miu
Earrings: Stylist's
Outfit: Jacket - 20/20 Collections; Dress - Forever21

Earrings: Stylist's
Outfit: Vintage shirt - Stylist's; Skirt - Mannequin Pieces

Earrings: Stylist's
Necklaces: Stylist's
Outfit: Jacket - Stylist's; Dress - Kimanda Misses

Earrings: Stylist's
Outfit: Slip dress - Kimanda Misses; Sheer dress - Mannequin Pieces

Outfit: FLIRT Boutique

Earrings: Stylist's
Outfit: Structured top: FLIRT Boutique; Tadashi Shoji dress -  FLIRT Boutique

Transgender | tranzˈdʒɛndə,transˈdʒɛndə/


1. denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.

Gender variance, or gender nonconformity | A state in which a person has physical and behavioral characteristics that do not correspond with those typically associated with the person's sex.

▪ Gender identity refers to an individual's internalised psychological experience of being male or female, whereas gender nonconformity refers to the degree to which an individual's appearance, behavior, interests, and subjective self-concept deviate from conventional norms for masculinity/femininity.

 Lisa M Diamond et al, Handbook of Child Psychology and Development Science, 7th edition, 2015


Summer Fashion Trend Report

This summer is all about brights crayola colors , beautiful pastels, chic resort beach wear , lots of prints and transparency. The summer heat is not one to play with So Of Course all the trends I've selected are definitely weather appropriate for us living in the Caribbean island. 

I've studied the spring/summer 2018 runway shows of all the designers and round up a comprehensive guide to the hottest fashion and accessory trends for summer 2018 . 

1. Power Suits 

2. Floral 

3. Pastel 
4. X-Girl Sunglasses And All Things Transparent 
5. Statement Straw Hat 
6.Polka Dots
7.Resort Beach Wear
8. Crayola Monochrome Colors 
10. Fringe

Happy Pride 

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